• AMP at Hamilton High School

    November 15, 2019

Wow!  GMCLA was literally everywhere doing so much for the community.

On Monday, members sang for the West Hollywood Veterans Day celebration to honor our Vets.

On Tuesday, GMCLA’s A Capella group, Aftershock, sang for the Human Rights Watch event in Beverly Hills to help assist with that great organization’s cause.

On Friday, Aftershock also sang for the opening of the incredible Los Angeles Zoo Lights Celebration – and we event made it on to the Fox11 evening news!

And last, but certainly not least, on Friday morning, GMCLA presented our ALIVE MUSIC PROJECT (AMP) at Hamilton High School. Our members sang and told of their experiences as gay men for hundreds of amazing students.  The performance included the absolutely brilliant Hamilton High School Chamber Choir. A robust Q&A with all the students was followed by an intense one-on-one session between GMCLA and the high school Women’s Choir.  We have a very full calendar of AMPs scheduled throughout the coming school year, but if you would like GMCLA to provide an AMP for your High School or would like GMCLA to sing for your organization please contact us at mailroom@gmcla.org or 424-239-6514.