I Rise, presented by GMCLA at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in early July, 2017

GMCLA returned to Walt Disney Concert Hall for an evocative and uplifting concert, exploring the sometimes complicated relationship between the LGBT community and faith… and celebrating a new future of inclusion. Blending deeply personal stories with pop and rock favorites, hymns, and show tunes, GMCLA took you on a spiritual journey, leaving you contemplating a new day of greater acceptance and understanding.

This concert explored the intersection of Faith Communities and the LGBTQ Community with the hope of creating positive change and exploring a new future that is possible. For many in the LGBTQ Community faith / religion has not been welcoming nor accepting, but rather associated with condemnation, non-acceptance, guilt, and shame.  We see recent developments where religious and political organizations are trying to justify discrimination against LGBTQ people through the guise of “religious freedom.”

As our country seems to be more divided than ever, this concert couldn’t have been more more timely or relevant.

Saturday, July 8, 2017 – 2:00 pm & 8:00 pm

Photos, and reviews of the concert will be made available in the coming week.  Thank you to the over 3,000 attendees at Walt Disney Concert Hall, and the astonishing 140,000 viewers of our LiveStreaming of the 2pm concert via Periscope.tv!