Dos Coros, Una Voz (Two Choruses, One Voice)

Dos Coros Una Voz
(Two Choruses One Voice)

GMCLA’s 40th season started earlier than usual with a very special collaboration with the Coro Gay Ciudad de México. Our mission over the last four decades has been to build bridges, not walls (and it will continue to be!). Dos Coros Una Voz (Two Choruses One Voice) is an historic collaboration. We presented an incredible selection of songs in both English and Spanish to commemorate and celebrate the rich traditions and history shared by the U.S. and Mexico. And wow did we have fun doing it!

This collaboration between sister cities Los Angeles and Mexico City has come at a pivotal time in our current political climate and aims to stress the beauty and unification of the special bond we share with our Mexican brothers and sisters.

Dos Coros, Una Voz was enriched with a special performance by the first gay mariachi band, LA’s own Mariachi Arcoiris. These trailblazers are dedicated both to entertaining and to changing the world through the power of music. We could not be more proud to share the stage with them. Together, we brought down the house!

An Ofrenda, or ‘Day of the Dead’ altar was built and set up by members of GMCLA and CGCDMX outside the Alex Theatre for guests to pay tribute to loved ones who have passed in honor of Dia de los Muertos. In addition, there were other cultural components and celebrations throughout the concert week, including a free community concert on October 12th at Torres HS in East Los Angeles.

Thank you for joining in our celebration of the vast rainbow of diverse communities that call Los Angeles home, as we sang in honor and appreciation of our bond with Mexico; building bridges, not walls!

Photography by Jamie Pham

Our Partners

Keeping in the spirit of this significant collaboration, partnership levels have been thoughtfully created based on the foundations and principles held in both the United States and Mexican Constitutions. Representatives from all partners become honorary members of the distinguished host committee.

CGCDMX Sponsor Grid

Our Distinguished Host Committee

Ms. Diane Abbitt Ÿ• Hon. Ben Allen Ÿ• Mrs. Betty Anderson Ÿ• Mr. Fred Arens Ÿ• Mr. Raymundo Baltazar Ÿ• Hon. Kathryn Barger Ÿ• Hon. Frank Baxter Ÿ• Ms. Yvonne Bell Ÿ• Hon. Richard Bloom Ÿ• Mr. Howard Bragman Ÿ• Ms. Elise Buik Ÿ• Ms. Wendy Burch Ÿ• Hon. Betsy Butler Ÿ• Ms. Wendy Chang Ÿ• Judge Judith Chirlin Ÿ• Mr. Patrick Cullen Ÿ• Mr. Bill Cunningham-CorsoŸ • Ms. Jean Davidson Ÿ• Mr. Charles Dickerson Ÿ• Mr. David DiCristofaro & Jennifer McKinnon Ÿ• Mr. Luis Dominguez Ÿ• Mr. Jason Duguay Ÿ• Hon. John Duran Ÿ• Dr. Annette Ermshar & Dan Monahan Ÿ• Hon. Dianne Feinstein Ÿ• Ms. Giselle Fernandez Ÿ• Hon. Mike Feuer Ÿ• Dr. Alan Fisher, M.D. Ÿ• Ms. Shirley Fredricks Ÿ• Hon. Ron Galperin Ÿ• Mr. Martin Gantman Ÿ• Ms. Olga Garay-English Ÿ• Mr. Grant Gershon Ÿ• Ms. Ariadne Getty Ÿ• Mr. David Gindler Ÿ• Mrs. Kiki Gindler Ÿ• Mr. Mike Gleason Ÿ• Ms. Elissa Glickman Ÿ• Mr. Michael Graham Ÿ• Mr. Tim Greenleaf Ÿ• Hon. Wendy Greuel Ÿ• Ms. Suzanna Guzman Ÿ• Hon. Janice Hahn Ÿ• Mr. Steven Hamilton Ÿ• Mr. Tim Hanlon Ÿ• Ms. Cynthia Mitchell Heard Ÿ• Ms. Helen HernandezŸ • Mr. Steve Holzer Ÿ• Hon. Jose Huizer Ÿ• Mr. Shawn Ingram • Mr. Kelly Michael Ÿ• Hon. Paul Krekorian Ÿ• Mr. Charles Krozek Ÿ• Hon. Sheila Kuehl Ÿ• Hon. Abbe Land Ÿ• Mr. Adam Ma Ÿ• Ms. Sonia Marie De Leon de Vega Ÿ• Mr. Eddie Martinez Ÿ• Ms. Lidia Martinez Ÿ• Mr. Troy Masters Ÿ• Mr. Garrett McClure Ÿ• Raul & Bernadette Medrano Ÿ• Mr. Markus Molinari Ÿ• Dr. Joseph P. Nadeau Ÿ• Hon. Mitch O’Farrell Ÿ• Mr. Alfredo Pedroza Ÿ• Hon. Jan Perry (ret.) Ÿ• Hon. Anthony Portantino Ÿ• Mr. Barrett Porter Ÿ• Mr. Gary Pratt Ÿ• Mr. & Mrs. Barry Pressman Ÿ• Mr. Henry Ramos & Mrs. Claudia Lenschen-Ramos Ÿ• Mr. Jay & Barbara Rasulo Ÿ• Ms. Lisa Cleri Reale Ÿ• Mr. Byron Reed Ÿ• Mr. Melvin Robert Ÿ• Andres Robles Ÿ• Mr. David R. Scheidemantle Ÿ• Mr. Stephen Schwartz Ÿ• Mr. Axel Shalson Ÿ• Rabbi Zach Shapiro Ÿ• William & Elizabeth Shatner Ÿ• Mr. Gregg Sherkin Ÿ• Ms. Linda Small Ÿ• Ms. Stacy Smithers Ÿ• Mr. & Mrs. Jay Stein Ÿ• Ms. Lisa Stevens Ÿ• Mr. Bob Stiens Ÿ• Mr. & Mrs. Forrest Strickland Ÿ• Mr. Cooke Sunoo Ÿ• Mr. Brian Tillis Ÿ• Ms. Lora Unger Ÿ• Mr. Oscar Urtusastegui Ÿ• Mr. Arturo Vargas Ÿ• Ms. Deborah Villar Ÿ• Mr. Jonathan Weedman Ÿ• Mr. Richard West Ÿ• Mr. Marcus Wilson-Smith Ÿ• Ms. Rachel Worby Ÿ• Ms. Barbara Yaroslavsky