Focus On Halloweenie’s Fred Arens and Jason Duguay

Written by Mary Jo De Silva

Fred Arens and Jason DuguayCommonly known as Frason, Los Angeles power couple Fred Arens and Jason Duguay are gearing up for the spookiest, most thrilling Halloweenie yet. Prominent leaders in the LGBT community, Fred and Jason began this Halloween staple thirteen years ago as a house party to raise money for the Young Professionals Council (YPC) at the Los Angeles LGBT Center and celebrate their favorite holiday of the year. They decided this party would be the perfect launch event at their home. Fred made the first invitations by hand and tickets were free!

They had no idea what a success it would be. The next year’s party doubled in size with 400 guests and they raised over $10,000. Thirteen years later, their party is now an iconic Halloween event with thousands of guests every year, and proceeds still go back to the community. All ticket sales benefit the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles (GMCLA) youth education programs thanks to this “Party with a Purpose.” Fred and Jason still love coming up with each year’s theme and complement each other spookily well, with Fred taking over logistics and Jason taking the lead on marketing.

With Halloweenie 13, Freddy and Jason can use their names in the horror genre for the first time! They love the new experiences and creativity that come with each new theme every year. Some memorable costumes they recall include depraved Muppet pigs from space, and Hollywood Celebrity make-up artist Glen Alen’s drop-dead amazing full Cobra bodysuit. For anyone coming to Halloweenie for the first time, they suggest planning costumes way ahead of time (as in, now) and just take it all in slowly—enjoy it.

As Fred and Jason prepare for Halloweenie 13, they emphasize, “It’s not our party.” Rather, it is for the community, a place where everyone is welcome and everyone can be anything they want for the night. Even a lion, tiger…or bear. Oh, my.