The Alive Music Project

The Alive Music Project (AMP)Over the past 12 years,  GMCLA’s Alive Music Project (AMP) has reached over 65,000 middle and high school students in the Los Angeles area with a message of acceptance and hope through music.

AMP works closely with school Gay Straight Alliances and incorporates the essential tools of GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network) to improve learning environments.

What is AMP?

The Alive Music Project (AMP) brings a message of anti-bullying and acceptance through GMCLA members sharing stories, music, and experiences with the students.

GMCLA members have found their own voices through singing music together. Through an inter-active presentation, AMP places students and members of the chorus together to share their experiences, and foster a safe space.

How does AMP work?

Students and members of GMCLA come together for one or more assembly presentations. These include personal stories coupled with musical performances and an anonymous Q & A. Students are invited to an open lunch discussion at which they can dialogue directly with chorus members.

AMP also offers an opportunity to enrich each school’s music education program. Our team visits the school prior to the AMP presentation to conduct choral master classes with students. Choral students are invited to perform with GMCLA at the presentations.

Students who participate in an AMP presentation are invited to attend the next full GMCLA concert free of charge, with transportation provided!

Mendez High School AMP Presentation

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