GMCLA's I RISE Concert with Holly Near performing - Photo: Claire Hannah Collins - LATimes

Creating the I Rise Concert
– Dr. Joe Nadeau

Welcome to I Rise, the third and final subscription concert in GMCLA’s 38th concert season. GMCLA has positioned itself as the “voice” of the gay community in Los Angeles and is, in fact, one of the oldest, continuous, LGBTQ organizations in Los Angeles along with the Los Angeles LGBT Center and Founders Metropolitan Community Church. I Rise is a unique and historical concert for us that is unlike anything GMCLA has done before. This concert explores the intersection of Faith Communities and the LGBTQ Community; creating a discussion throughout our communities with the hope of creating positive change.

I Rise Community Partners and Participants

For the I Rise concert event, GMCLA has developed partnerships with over 25 organizations representing a wide variety of Welcoming religious / faith communities.

The Shower of Stoles Project

The intersection of the LGBTQ and Faith Communities is no more evident than through the Shower of Stoles Project. For the I Rise concerts, hundreds of Stoles from the collection will be on display – worn by GMCLA members during the concerts, and also on display in Disney Hall’s public spaces.