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Oxford, OH

Testimonials from Oxford, OH “Thank you so much for the invitation to the little event at OCAC.  I had a really great time!  Well done!  The performance was really awesome and I enjoyed our table conversations as well.”   “Thank you so much for arranging today’s visit from the LA Gay Men’s Chorus and the […]

Whitewater, WI

Testimonials from Whitewater, WI This message was sent anonymously to one of the Cast Members: “You don’t know me… but I saw you perform in Whitewater the other night and I wanted to thank you all for coming. I also wanted to let you know that the message you’re presenting reaches so many other issues […]

Ogden, UT

Testimonials from Ogden, UT “I wanted to give your organization huge congratulations for a very specific effect they are having on a specific community in Utah. Here is the story. When you’re traveling troupe of “It gets Better” was in Ogden last month, they held a Q & A after the performance. Those of us […]