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GMCLA’s singing members are all volunteers with a passion for choral music. We welcome anyone who is interested to audition!

Prior to auditioning, candidates must attend at least one open rehearsal, to experience the demands of GMCLA in advance.

These are  actual rehearsals as the Chorus prepares for an upcoming concert. This  will give you an idea what to expect on a weekly basis if you become a member. Open rehearsals are held twice each year, in January and September. You will be assigned a buddy in your vocal range, who will share their music with you.

Sign-ups for auditions are taken at the conclusion of each open rehearsal.

Open Rehearsal Dates:
Monday, September 8, 2014
Monday, September 15, 2014

7-10pm - Please arrive by 6:45pm.

First Congregational Church of Los Angeles (FCCLA)
540 S. Commonwealth Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90020



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Sat. Sept. 13, 2014 – please attend Open Rehearsal on Mon. 9/8 to sign up
Sun. Sept. 21, 2014 – please attend Open Rehearsal on Mon. 9/8 or 9/15 (or both)

Because the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles strives for artistic excellence, auditions are both necessary and competitive. We understand that the idea of an audition can be nerve-wracking. Relax! We’ll do our best to make the process as painless as possible.

When you audition, the only people in the room will be you, GMCLA’s Artistic Director, our Accompanist and one of our Music Leaders. They’ll ask about your musical background. They’ll take you through some vocalizing and scales to determine your range. They’ll give you a simple piece of music to sight-read and may test your ability to hear and reproduce different pitch sequences as well as your rhythmic ability.

Finally, you’ll sing a song or part of a song. Pick one that you love to sing and demonstrates your range and ability! Anything from an operatic aria to “Take Me Out To The Ballgame.” As time is limited, don’t worry if they cut you off before you finish. For piano accompaniment, please bring an extra copy of the sheet music in the correct key. No outside accompanists are allowed in the audition room. It’s perfectly acceptable to sing a capella if you prefer.

GMCLA presents three main performance series each year, typically in December, March, and June, with two to four shows in each series. Throughout the year, we have several community performances at schools and various public and private events.

Our regular rehearsals are every Monday, 7–10pm. Rehearsal dates are usually adjusted for legal holidays. We also generally rehearse one Sunday afternoon per month, which is sometimes accompanied by a social activity. In the spring, we have a weekend-long retreat, usually in Malibu. Two or three extra rehearsals are scheduled during the week before a main performance. You will receive a complete schedule of rehearsals, performances and other important dates as soon as you join, so you can mark your calendar accordingly. Our rehearsal time is valuable: we learn a great deal of music for each concert. Therefore, many members come to rehearsal early in order to take care of business matters and to socialize. Because we strive for the best artistic product possible, GMCLA has an attendance policy which allows no more than three absences during each concert period. You will be expected to review your music on your own, so you will be fully prepared for concerts. We also prepare an inexpensive rehearsal disc for each concert, which you can use to practice.

Finally, GMCLA involves more than just music. To keep the Chorus running smoothly, we rely on members to volunteer extra time. The majority of jobs require relatively little time individually. As a whole, they represent a tremendous amount of effort, without which the Chorus would not be able to function.

Membership in GMCLA requires a certain financial commitment, but we’re flexible in making payment arrangements for those in financial need. The annual membership investment for GMCLA members is due during the first several weeks of each concert period. The annual amount is $210, payable in three equal installments of $70 in each concert period. Members who have financial need may apply for the Fair Share Investment Program (FSIP) which allows members to work and give their “sweat equity” to the chorus in lieu of paying financial investments.

In addition to the membership investment, members must also arrange for their own performance tuxedo and accessories. (Many chorus members buy an inexpensive tuxedo from a tux rental shop or a discount store.) GMCLA also sponsors several activities throughout the year which are not mandatory, but which will greatly enhance members’ experience in the Chorus. Most notable among these is the weekend Retreat, usually scheduled in February. A fee of approximately $100 covers meals, lodging and other expenses. Additionally, chorus members are financially responsible for the cost of occasional (optional) tours, although partial subsidies may be available. As an example, our most recent tour to South America in 2006 cost each member approximately $3,500.

GMCLA is always looking to welcome new members into our family, and that extends to those with talents beyond singing.  If you do not wish to share your voice, volunteer to share your time and other talents.  As a non-profit organization that relies heavily on the efforts of dedicated volunteers, there is always a need for people to assist at concerts (usher, sell tickets and merchandise), with fundraising at concerts and events (prize give-a-ways), and in the administrative office (mailings, data input, phone calling).  Volunteering with GMCLA is a great way to get involved, make friends, become a part of a family, and make a difference.

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