Alive Music Project

AMP_Logo-274Our LGBTQ youth deserve a safe place to learn and grow. Each year, our Alive Music Project (AMP) visits thousands of Los Angeles high school students, presenting a free in-school program of choral performance, music education and a colorful glimpse into the lives of our diverse singers. Our goals? Reduce anti-gay bullying, bust negative stereotypes, and present positive role models for our LGBTQ youth.

Critical work like this cannot be done in a vacuum. AMP works closely with school Gay Straight Alliances and incorporates the essential tools of GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network) to improve learning environments for each student we reach.

Take a look at what Chandler Massey, George Takei, Levi Kreis, Melissa Manchester, LeAnn Rimes, Eddie Cibrian, Margaret Cho, and many others are saying about AMP.


Every year over 85% of LGBT students in American schools are physically or verbally abused. For over thirty years GMCLA has used music to overcome prejudice. Now we’re using song to teach acceptance and equality in schools.

The FAIR Education Act of 2011 supports the inclusion of LGBT individuals and the their contributions to American history and modern life. One of the goals of an AMP presentation is to stimulate discussions about Harvey Milk, the Stonewall Uprising and Matthew Shepard, among many other subjects. Our singers represent gay people from every walk of life: artists, teachers, soldiers, bankers, activists, accountants, engineers and elected officials. It is our goal to show students, gay or straight, that they can find their own voice through music or whatever medium they choose by staying in school and treating each other with kindness and respect.

We’ve already reached thousands of students with GMCLA’s Alive Music Project —AMP— our unique music education program. With your support, GMCLA will be able to expand its youth outreach into more L.A.-area schools and colleges.

So, what’s so great about GMCLA’s AMP?

Here are just a few things GMCLA’s Alive Music Project offers your school district at absolutely NO COST:

  • Access to a live, on campus choral performance for all interested students and faculty
  • Historical information and education about various genres of music, composers and important social issues such as racism, discrimination, civil rights and human rights
  • Lyric and music analysis experience
  • GMCLA’s diverse singing members share about their careers, experiences with the chorus and living as out-and-proud gay men
  • FREE tickets and transportation to a fully staged GMCLA concert
  • A flexible program crafted to fit the scholastic and artistic needs of each individual school’s student body
  • Master classes for choral students taught by GMCLA’s Artistic Director

AMP has been proven to help engage students in the important work of comprehending and discussing the complexities surrounding human rights, civil rights, and the LGBT struggle for equality and actively promotes the reality that our struggle for equal rights is not only universal, but an issue that can affect any group of people who find themselves in the minority.

GMCLA is dedicated to proving that music and song are community building. To that end, AMP unites GMCLA chorus members with young audiences on their own turf in an effort to highlight the unique experiences shared by all humans—regardless of race, class, gender, age or sexual orientation. We are committed to changing hearts and minds through music, and inspiring students to use their art in order to make their voices heard!

For more information or to book the program at your school,
please contact Lee Stickler at 424.239.6495.

What students are saying about GMCLA’s AMP:

“This presentation made me feel proud. As an openly gay student and member of GSA, I feel that students should be taught that gay people are no different than they are, and I believe the Gay Men’s Chorus of LA accomplishes that.” —Temple City High School Student, 2008

“I enjoyed it so much that it made me want to follow my dream to become a singer of classical music. I think this presentation was great!!!” —Miguel Contreras Learning Complex Student, 2009

“I strongly believe that GMCLA is a great support group for gay people. It’s inspiring to hear the artist’s stories about their survival through life as gay people.” —Fairfax High School Student, 2009