• With a Mighty Voice - Spring 2011

Photo: Ken Hively

GMCLA’s Mission

To create musical experiences that strengthen our role as a leader among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) and performing arts organizations, enrich our member-artists, support LGBT youth, challenge homophobia, and expose new communities to our message of equality.

Our Vision

GMCLA sings for a future free from homophobia and all other discrimination.

Our Values

  • LEGACY – Over 37 years of success and survival as a community united in song.
  • COMMUNITY – Creating and nurturing our community of artists, the LGBTQ community, and the Los Angeles community.
  • CREATIVITY – Embracing risk, innovation and passionate performances that communicate with our modern world.
  • EXCELLENCE – Performance, musicianship, artistry, and outreach.
  • TRANSFORMATION – Changing hearts and minds through our compelling performances and the power of music.
  • EQUALITY – Bringing people together and serving as a voice for equality for all people.
  • STRENGTH – Strengthen organizational sustainability by building audiences and cultivating funders.
  • EXPANSION – Expanding GMCLA’s Alive Music Project (AMP) throughout Southern California,  and bringing the it gets better Tour to more communities around the country.