#AssistLove – the Campaign for GMCLA

Across the country, millions of teenagers are headed back to school. For many, it’s an exciting and fun time, but others are headed into another year of bullying and abuse. Over 20% of gay and lesbian youth skip school each month because they fear for their safety, and a large study last spring found that 90% of educators have been noticing worsening student moods and behaviors since the 2016 election, including heightened anxiety among LGBTQ students.

GMCLA responded by launching #AssistLove, a campaign to spread a message of hope and help the Chorus expand its Alive Music Project, which sends Chorus members into schools to perform and share their stories using a well-researched curriculum that has been proven to reduce bullying and increase minority student pride. “This presentation was valuable because it opens your mind and allows you to see things from someone else’s perspective,” wrote one ninth-grader after participating. “You guys made me feel as though every type of group no matter what race, age, or sex has a voice,” wrote another. And a tenth-grader shared: “This presentation made me feel good about today’s society.”

In the six weeks of The #AssistLove campaign over $80,000 was raised – and we thank all of our contributors and their commitment to GMCLA’s future!

#AssistLove with our community involvement

Members of GMCLA with students at an Alive Music Project session at South East High school in Los Angeles

The it gets better Tour and students at Warren Central H.S., Indianapolis, 2016

The gallery below is a random compilation of GMCLA’s activities over the past season – whether in-concert on the Alex Theatre or Walt Disney Concert Hall stages,  meeting high school students in the Los Angeles area through the Alive Music Project,  while on tour with the it gets better Tour around the country, or at any number of Community events.