It Gets Better Tour – Partners

Thank-you to our Presenting Partner – AT&T

In 1979, AT&T, then PacBell, made a contribution to the Gay Mens Chorus of Los Angeles (GMCLA) which allowed the organization to incorporate and begin its rich tradition of bringing musical excellence to the Los Angeles community. Then and now, AT&T is proud to support GMCLA and the musical talent and education they enrich our community with.

In 2010, AT&T supported GMCLA’s Alive Music Project – AMP – the unique education program which reaches thousands of students at L.A.-area schools and colleges. Today, AT&T is especially proud to support GMCLA’s It Gets Better-The Theatre Tour. This moving and innovative tour will bring the experience and message of the online It Gets Better Project(tm) to new communities and audiences by blending music, theater, and multimedia into a new work for the stage.

AT&T’s history of supporting GMCLA and other LGBT organizations is long standing and reflects our commitment to serving and celebrating diverse communities. We celebrate GMCLA and wish them much success with the It Gets Better Tour and their 34th musical season.

Learn more about AT&T’s diverse workforce at

Southwest Airlines, the Official Airline of GMCLA’s It Gets Better Tour

A Special Thank-You to the California Arts Council for your support of the California It Gets Better Tour

Thank you to our Community Partner, The Trevor Project

Thank you to all of our Kickstarter Sponsors and Major Contributors

$10,000 and above:

M&T, Daniel Fisher

Combined Properties, Jimmy Nguyen

Julian King

COM DEV USA , Alan Kenney, Douglas Hutchinson, Lisa Chiya Tofighi , Ronald Triche

James Geiger, Liesel, Richard Newcome, Steven Bryan

Alex Knight, Amanda Moorehead, Arthur Zweig, Barbara Dietsch, Bobby Buchanan, Brian Nolan, Bryan Foster, Catherine Lee, CheryL Webster Miller, Christopher Verdugo, Dan Holme, Danielle Wilbanks, Darren Holman, Debra Schimmel, Jacob Chen, Jeff Mallin and Marco Pizzo, Jennifer Freeman, Jeremy Perdue, Keith McWhorter, Kimberly M. Lowe, Laurie Nelson, Leah Kaplan, Lucy Sun, Marianne Lowenthal, Matthew Neco, Michelle, Nina Abiera, Nina Wolfson, Peter Sass, Ray Wells, Rick Polenek, sfchris, SHAE, Tim Lykowski, Victoria Mathews

Alexander Bakus, Alexis Stewart (Dharma), Alison Rusczyk, Angela Mota, Angella Szynkowski, Anna Gross, Brian Roskam, Clay Sales, Dennis Martinez, Dwayne Byrum, Eleanor Boyle, Em, Esteban Santana Santana, Frederick Baumer, Garry Griffith, Gary Hayashi, Harriet & Merrill Stickler, Henry Stukenborg, J E Kennington Jr, Jane Wishon, Jason Frazier, John-Paul Hayworth, joyce Connors, Katherine O’Connor, Ken Schneck, Laura Pohopien, Lawrence Jakobi, Mario Medellin, Marita Domingo, Mark Davis, Mary Gauvin, Melanye Johnson, Mike Bray, Myke Sandlin, Perry Blake, Peter Hayashida, Rose Filicetti, Russ Bickers, Sam Sasser, Samantha Duba, Scott Mattingly, Steve Janicki, Steven Lauridsen, Steven Ryan, Tim and Molly McConnell, Timothy Butz, Vanessa, Zachary Benz

Alexander, Ann Mintz, Brian Spolarich, Dave Gaer, Ed Fink, Frank Mastronuzzi, gabriel vogt, Henry Lew, Jared Warren, John Duran, Jon Collins, Jonathan Kirby, Judy Ross, Kathryn Presnal, Kathy Cole, Kathy Siren, Kelsey Polovina, Kristen Bartle, Larry Halff, Lee Stickler & Jay J. Levy, Neil G Thomas, Paul Hayslett, Richard Albertson, Sky, Tracy King, Zeina Hamzeh

A.K., Alastair Green, Alyssa Miller, Amanda LaForge, Amina, Amy Wangsadipura, Annette Krauchi, Archie Powell IV, Ashika Manu, Ashlee Barton, Aurolyn Luykx, Barry Schoenfeld, Bill Bowersock, Bill Felty, Brandon Scott Rumsey, Brianne Pergola, Cara Friez, Chris Etscheid, Cindy Glass, Craig Smith, Craig White, Creig Smith, Danielle Wolff, David Field, David S. Sperling, Deborahrs, Del Shores, Denis Moreen, Dianne Bocci, Edward Shryock, Eric Adler, Eric Jacobson, Even Fable, Gail Rolf, Gina Loukareas, Greg Malone, Ian O’Donnell, Jason Romrell, Jason Williams, jean golden, Jenina Mella, Jeremy B. Yoder, Joel Glasser, John Romkey, John Stevens, Joseph Gregorio, Josh Hamzehee, Julia, Julian Chan, Juliana Culbert, Julie Caskey Equality Montgomery, Kelly Di Giacinto, Kristin Maverick, Lauren Acton, Liam Gillen, Lisa Ang, Lisa Pere, Lisa W., Louis Ramirez, Lucian J Spalla Jr, Mark Friedlander, Mark Sam Rosenthal, Mary Sexton, Matt, Matt Holland, Megan Grosz, Mel Downie Robinson, Michael Beener, Michael Klein, Michael Snedden, Monica Cohn, Nate Westheimer, Olivier, Pakk Hui, Pastol, Patricia Garza, Patricia Kahn, Patricia Robertson, Patrick Beller, Patrick Cullen, Paul Galloway, Rachel Fong, Rachel Masters, Robert S. McWiliam, M.D., Rosalyn Feldberg, Russ Cartwright, Ryan Slattery, Sean Masse, Shawna Hogan, Steven Do, Susan Holtz, Taylor Brown, Thomas Marchetti, Tolen May, Tom B., Zach Gassoumis