Artist in Residency Programs

The IGB Tour Week

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The It Gets Better Project Journey

Artist-In-Residency-51-208x138Company members will conduct a multimedia journey through the brief but powerful history of the It Gets Better Project, including a detailed discussion of the development of the live stage work, It Gets Better. Artists will share their personal stories and offer reflections about the mission of It Gets Better -­‐ including experiences on the road with the production.

Will address some of the controversy about the It Gets Better Project and challenge the audience to reflect on the next steps in the journey to create a safe, supportive climate for all young people. (50 min. including Q&A; maximum participants: 40)

The It Gets Better World Café

Artist-In-Residency-World-Cafe-208x137World Café is an emerging global facilitation model for community dialogue utilizing the approach of appreciative inquiry. It Gets Better company members will facilitate a thoughtful dialogue among 12-­‐36 participants to examine the state of LGBT life in the community.

Participants (to be secured by local presenters) may include representatives from local LGBT organizations and support services, prominent local LGBT individuals, local elected officials, local school administrators or faculty leaders, and – as appropriate – students, members of law enforcement, or spiritual leaders. This structured, impartial facilitation model will advance dialogue toward mutual agreements and meaningful plans for the future. (120-180 min)

 The It Gets Better Choral Music Program

Artist-In-Residency-choral-program-208x138Each community will identify a local choir suitable for performance on stage with the company artists (subject to approval by the Company).

The local chorus will receive advance music and training materials and will work for a minimum of three two-­hour rehearsals with the cast under the direction of the Company Music Director during the week in residence.

One rehearsal will be held in the performance space in advance of Company load in, to be coordinated by the presenter. Selected chorus should consist of 25-80 individuals.

 School Program 1: The It Gets Better Experience

Artist-In-Residency-School-Program-1-208x138The artists of GMCLA are outstanding in their work with younger individuals.

In this session, artists will perform selected scenes and songs from It Gets Better and share personal narratives about the harms of bullying and ways in which they overcame adversity. Student questions will be answered, and students will also be invited to comment about the program and its themes. This session is suitable for small or large school audiences of junior high and high school age (30-300 students). Large venues may require professional amplification by presenter. (25-50 min.)

 School Program 2: The It Gets Better Workshop

Artist-In-Residency-School-Program-2-208x138An activity-based workshop in which students will work closely with company members on performance activities and in small group discussions. Topics will include bullying, self-image, LGBT issues, and more. Audio and video will be collected in these sessions to be incorporated into the online and/or live project.

NOTE: Parental permission slips/releases must be solicited in advance of this workshop by local faculty.(90 min. workshop can be modified to accommodate school schedule; maximum participants: 20)