About the it gets better tour

IIGB-white-logo-vector-stackedt gets better. Dan Savage’s three simple words reach into the hearts of our LGBTQ youth and inspire them with the message that darkness can give way to a brighter future. Over time, this credo has quickly evolved into a massive grass roots campaign going viral with over 50,000 videos (including President Obama and GMCLA) and amassing over 50 million combined views. To learn more about the It Gets Better Project,  click here.
The it gets better Tour takes this profound message one step further, as a small but dedicated ensemble travels to communities nationwide to produce a week of educational workshops culminating in a moving musical theater performance.  The week highlights anti-bullying, tolerance and acceptance through community roundtable discussions, high school visits, it gets better videos, and creative exercises.  Local choirs join the cast onstage for the final performance – an exciting and funny story with moments of both pain and pathos, featuring poignant narratives of growing up gay.

This cutting edge tour brings out the best of the human spirit and dares to transform communities across the country, one week at a time.

The work explores what “better” means for LGBT youth through stories, songs and multimedia on an array of challenging themes. With its unqualified support of all young people, it gets better creates and unites allies in solidarity against the pervasive (and growing) climate of bullying and teen violence.

An 8-member cast of the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles (GMCLA) forms the core of the touring production. Over the course of a one-week residency, these artists collaborate with local performers, citizens, and educational and government institutions in building a community performance responding to the issue of bullying in local schools. GMCLA is bringing with them a fully formed program including dynamic musical content and video production elements appropriate to the theme, into which are woven local participants and local content. Detailed information about the Artist in Residency Program can be found in the For Educators section of the it gets better website.

Traveling with the chorus members are the musical director, stage manager and the community outreach coordinator, all focused on integrating the local participants into the finished performance with GMCLA.

The it gets better Tour, is a collaboration between the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles, Speak Theater Arts and the It Gets Better Project.

it gets better is licensed for live performance exclusively by the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles for touring direction by David Lieberman/Artists Representatives.

it gets better is co-produced by Speak Theater Arts and directed by Liesel Reinhart.