GMCLA Partners with Gender Nation

Gender Nation Co-founders Keiko Feldman and Morgan Walsh

Co-founders Keiko Feldman and Morgan Walsh

Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles is absolutely thrilled to be partnering with Gender Nation to help place books in schools and their libraries that speak to the beautiful diversity of our children. When we first learned of Gender Nation’s work, we instantly saw the connection between their outreach in schools, and GMCLA’s own outreach through our Alive Music Project and Arts for Incarcerated Youth Programs.

Children today are faced with greater challenges and the need to understand more than ever; and our combined efforts will help address this in an incredibly meaningful, positive way. And we are so excited to join this wonderful, nascent non-profit that we know over time, will reach thousands of kids in the best way possible.

Why it matters:

People always say “Kids are like sponges – soaking up the world around them.” For so long we’ve known that the messages and images reaching children matter, but we haven’t always known just how confusing and dangerous it can be for a child not to see what’s in their heart represented in the world around them.

Now we know: LGBTQ youth are three times more likely to consider suicide than heterosexual youth, and five times more likely to attempt suicide. With the stakes so high, we as adults have a responsibility to put materials in front of children that show them the full spectrum of sexuality and gender identity, so they know they aren’t alone.

Gender Nation’s approach:

Gender Nation partners with schools and school districts to provide them with age appropriate books that explore issues facing LGBTQ youth and their families. Providing access to these stories in school libraries helps kids feel more seen and heard and encourages compassion and empathy in all students.

For more information about Gender Nation,  please visit their website.

The first Book Delivery

Keiko and Morgan make the first delivery of books!

Gender Nation launched on October 11, National Coming Out Day. On Thursday November 15, the first batch of books were delivered to 23 public schools.

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