• Cuba - February 2016

    GMCLA’s Delegation at the American Embassy in Havana

GMCLA Delegation Returns from Historic Visit to Cuba

Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles Returns from Historic Visit Meeting With Cuban, U.S. Leaders in Havana

(LOS ANGELES) – MARCH 21, 2016 – A delegation consisting of 13 members from the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los
Angeles (GMCLA), including its CEO Chris Verdugo, Artistic Director Joe Nadeau, and West Hollywood Council
Member and Board President John Duran, returned this week from an unprecedented and historic visit to an island
nation that is just beginning to re-establish normalized relations with the United States, and one in which there is still
much mystery and curiosity surrounding it. Cuba.

The contingent of members was invited to Havana by Fermin Rojas, a Cuban-American entrepreneur and the cofounder
of Cuba’s first-ever gay men’s chorus, Mano a Mano. The six-man ensemble will be GMCLA’s special guest at
its upcoming June performance of “Oye Mi Canto!” in Los Angeles.

While in Havana, GMCLA had the distinct pleasure and rare opportunity to gain a deeper and richer understanding of
Cuban culture from within the country’s borders. Additionally, they spent some one-on-one time with Mano a Mano,
going over the upcoming repertoire of songs to perform in Los Angeles. Demonstrating a truly significant alliance
between the two groups, Mano a Mano was also designated as GMCLA’s sister organization in Cuba, and in reaching
that milestone, has become GMCLA’s first international program, marking an important milestone.