Friday, (The 13th) Halloweenie

Freddy & Jason’s Halloweenie was without question a huge success.  Over 2,000 costumed revelers celebrated the evening in a tribute to American Horrors at the historic Belasco Theater on Friday, October 26, 2018.

Halloweenie, sponsored by Kevin Huvane, is the hottest annual Halloween fundraiser in Los Angeles. The “Party with a Purpose” benefits GMCLA’s youth outreach programs, and raised over $200,000.

Photography by Jamie Pham
All of Jamie’s Halloweenie photos can be viewed here !

Photography by Larry Geller

Halloweenie DJ’S

From the head horrors themselves, Fred and Jason:

“Any Halloweenie aficionado can tell you that the scariest thing that anyone can imagine would be a party with terrible DJ’s.  Well we are thankful that for the past 12 years, we have never had to worry about that. And the Good News is… THIRTEEN IS OUR LUCKY NUMBER!  So Murder on the Dance Floor folks; this lineup will slay!”

Whether he’s headlining Sydney Mardi Gras, pumping packed underwear parties in Fire Island or serving sexy beats for Dilfs, butch queens and everyone in between, NYC DJ Corey Craig’s global signature House / Disco / Techno soundscape makes every party he spins a destination!

Be wary of this one. Word is she gnawed off her own arm to escape the shackles in WeHo and she’s looking to terrorize y’alls neighborhood. Commanding the powers of legendary sirens, she will have your voices hoarse as you sing anthem after anthem (for your life)!

Locked Up in the Attic & Down in the Cellar

These Mask for Masc Madmen will have your pulse at an all time high. Upstairs or Downstairs… wherever you may roam, you won’t escape their grip! For safety reasons, we suggest traveling in packs.


Kevin Huvane

Anawalt Logo
33Taps Silverlake
Rockwell Table and Stage
Ketel One Vodka
Gold's Gym

Interested in sponsoring Halloweenie? For sponsorship opportunities please contact Jason Frazier, Director of Corporate & Community Development. Jason can be reached at 310.418.8014 or Download the Halloweenie Sponsorship Deck here.

gHost Committee

Lance Bass & Michael Turchin Ÿ• Scotland Beavers Ÿ• ŸJeremy Blacklow Ÿ• ŸMax Bruce & Tony Payne Ÿ• ŸDavid Cooley Ÿ•  Corey Craig Ÿ• ŸWilson Cruz Ÿ• ŸJustin David Ÿ• ŸRuben Diaz Ÿ• ŸRob Dorman & Chris Platt Ÿ• ŸJohn Duran Ÿ• ŸAaron Elvis Ÿ• ŸDavid Ferrante Ÿ• ŸChad Goldman Ÿ•  ŸSteve Grand Ÿ• ŸDavid Hadley & Steeve Hamel Ÿ• ŸDrew G Hanser Ÿ• ŸJefferson Hendrick Ÿ• ŸBrett Henrichsen Ÿ•  ŸChad Hudson Ÿ• ŸKevin Huvane Ÿ• ŸRyan Kenney Ÿ• ŸJake Jacob & Ted Teddington Ÿ• ŸLA Basics Ÿ• ŸPancho Mabante Ÿ• ŸChris Miller Ÿ• ŸLuke Nero Ÿ• ŸPaul Nicholls Ÿ• ŸBrian Pendleton Ÿ• ŸJeffrey Sanker Ÿ• ŸGary Turner Ÿ• ŸJoe Whitaker Ÿ• ŸTom Whitman