Dominic Gregorio – June 14, 1977 – March 3, 2019

Former Assistant Artistic Director and Interim Artistic Director

We heard of the sudden passing of Dominic Gregorio on March 3, 2019, who had been Assistant Artistic Director under Dr. Bruce Mayhall beginning in 2007, and later as the Interim Artistic Director of GMCLA.

Dominic was a bright light in GMCLA’s life. His presence when conducting was absolutely vivid – and his smile truly lit up any room he was in. A joyfully spiritual soul, Dominic simply made us a better chorus.

After leaving GMCLA in August 2010, Dominic pursued his music career and had only recently become an Associate Professor, Director of Choral Activities at the University of Regina, SK.  His staff bio can be found here, and his formal obituary can be found here.

“The quality of life is not measured by the length of life, but by the fullness with which we enter into each present moment.” – Native American saying

Below is a gallery of images primarily during Dominic’s time at GMCLA, and an incredibly beautiful, poignant memorial video of this magical man, created by GMCLA’s Bernie Espinosa.