Glenn and Jim talk with new member Jim Howard - Photo: Jamie Pham

#AssistLove – the Social Fundraising Campaign for GMCLA

Thank you to our many supporters across the USA for helping make #AssistLove a success for GMCLA.  In our first effort at Social Fundraising, over $70,000 was raised to support our on-going school programs! Thank you for your support as we sing for a better world.

Voice Awards Logo

GMCLA’s Voice Awards honors those who advance our world, refute silence, lend a voice to the oppressed, exhibit leadership and give hope to those living under the weight of silence.

This year’s Voice Awards raised over $450,000 for GMCLA’s youth outreach programs!

Our most recent performances

I Rise, presented by GMCLA at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in early July, 2017

GMCLA returned to Walt Disney Concert Hall for an evocative and uplifting concert, exploring the sometimes complicated relationship between the LGBT community and faith… and celebrating a new future of inclusion. Blending deeply personal stories with pop and rock favorites, hymns, and show tunes, GMCLA took you on a spiritual journey, leaving you contemplating a new day of greater acceptance and understanding.

If you missed I Rise, subscriptions for our 39th season are now available.  Have a look and lock in great seats to next season’s remarkable concerts – as only GMCLA can do!

He Had It Coming, presented by GMCLA on April 1 and 2, 2017