Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles

Craving world class ENTERTAINMENT?
Art that ENLIGHTENS and inspires?
PASSIONATE about equality and EMPOWERING our youth?

Have we got a season for you!

Join us for SEASON 36 at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills, our new home for all 3 main stage concerts!

We’ll start with a brand new Holiday Spectacular: A Glee-ful Celebration, with songs from “Glee” and men’s glee clubs around the world. See the LA premiere of “Tyler’s Suite” with special guest Well-Strung in Heartstrings, a one-night-only event featuring GMCLA’s new chamber ensemble and celebrating the life of Tyler Clementi. Then take a fantasy flight to Australia & New Zealand as GMCLA Goes Down Under, with music from some of your favorite pop & rock artists. Finally we’ll round out the year in the most dazzling and dicey road trip ever with Vegas, Baby! What happens in GMCLA stays in GMCLA. NOT! We’ll do it OOOOUR WAAAAAY!!!


bullyGMCLA believes everyone SHOULD HAVE A VOICE


  • GMCLA uses its collective voice to create change, transform communities, empower youth and reduce anti-LGBT bullying through our community outreach and education programs and performances.
  • In honor of National Bullying Prevention Month, who’s theme this year is “The end of bullying begins with me”, GMCLA salutes all those who participate and are involved in the Alive Music Project (AMP), Outside Voices Youth Chorus and the it gets better Tour. It is through these programs and the tireless work of many, that GMCLA reaches thousands of students each year, making communities safe and supportive for youth from all walks of life.

City of Angels / I Am Harvey Milk

There’s only one word to describe the closing concert of our 35th Anniversary Season: EPIC.

Alongside a 25-piece orchestra, 200 GMCLA singers celebrated the music of Los Angeles in our unique and distinct style. Then, joined by 300 MORE singers from across the country, we performed the Southern California premiere of I AM HARVEY MILK. This 60-minute oratorio took the audience on a journey through the colorful and tragic life of the first openly gay man to hold political office, reminding us that we are ALL Harvey Milk. We are ALL the bearers of Hope.

Milk and Chorus; A Night to Remember at Walt Disney Concert Hall.
The Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles (GMCLA) made history as they showcased their historical past during their 966th performance celebrating their 35th anniversary along with the Southern California premiere of I Am Harvey Milk at The Walt Disney Concert Hall this past weekend.” (more)
– Jason Mannino, The Huffington Post

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